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Need help in building a world class training program?
LearnBolt offers all the support services you may need to develop, deliver, and manage a world class training program

Our Training and Development crew can help you assess your needs, create a road map to achieving goals, mine and store the knowledge nested in your business, and organize it in a way where you can quickly on-board or cross train employees from source content. The LearnBolt unique processes and structure empowers owners and managers to be nimble and quickly update training as a business evolves.
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Training Assessment
Where are you now, and what do you need?
Our knowledge planners survey key players in your business to gather data to determine what training needs to be developed and prioritize objectives to achieve goals. The assessment looks at employee and organizational knowledge, best practices and procedures, current support materials, and what knowledge needs to be captured and stored. After our assessment, you will better understand your current status and how training can help to sustain and grow your business.
Training Road Map
Here we use the assessment to lay out an a la carte plan of action and schedule for achieving your training objectives. The road map could include a step by step procedure where a LearnBolt crew members could visit your business on a scheduled basis with the mission of collecting content and building your training program over a designated time period. A small business could make incremental investments in training, and have the confidence that their training goals would be achieved by a defined date.
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Content Mining
Having business procedures and best practices documented and stored in a secure location is key for a business to be nimble and move quickly. The LearnBolt crew of Knowledge Miners can collect content from anywhere, then tag and store in your custom Media Library for immediate use and access as you need it.
Organizing and Building Content
Having content in a form that can be quickly organized and shared to on-board or cross train employees is key to sustainability and growth. The days of having a new employee shadow an existing employee just is not effective in today’s fast paced world. Our Knowledge Guides have the experience to effectively assess training objectives and needs and build Learn Paths and Media Packs to meet goals while catering to various learning Styles and knowledge levels.
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Media Production
Need help producing video, voice overs, job aids, checklists, charts, flow diagrams, custom screencast desktop or App tutorials? Our team of producers can handle all your media production needs.
Train the Trainer
Our team of Knowledge Guides can train your internal staff on all aspects of LearnBolt operations and media production.
Today’s mobile devices include amazing media capabilities. The LearnBolt staff can train your team on best practices for producing professional quality media all from a mobile device.
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Equipment Consultation - Mining Rig Recommendations
How do you enhance your mobile device to produce professional quality media? The LearnBolt pit crew has assembled Media rigs centered around mobile devices. We can provide recommendations on the best equipment and support Apps to achieve your goals. Check out our custom LearnBolt Media Rigs here.
Mobile Device Management-MDM
LearnBolt can help your business set up an infrastructure for managing all mobile devices in your organization. Set up devices and manage use and App installation all from your home office.


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